Enviro Clean's Own Bobby Miller Facilitates Active Shooter Training

Tulsa, Okla., – May 6, 2018

Firefighters from all over the country recently attended the 2018 Oklahoma State Firefighters Association's School.

Part of the training involved an active shooter scenario facilitated by Enviro Clean's own Bobby Miller. The firefighters' goal in this exercise isn't to put out flames, but to save people during an active shooter situation.

The training is quite realistic and really puts participants in the line of fire with active shooters, victims and trauma. While police do their work, the firefighters must make their way out of the building to work on the patients. This is the third year that the active shooter training has been a part of the Fire School.

Another part of this training prepares firefighters for terrible wrecks. Training includes how to open doors, remove roofs, and other life saving techniques to remove a patient from a vehicle.

The Fire School puts men and women from different departments across the country together, practicing their jobs so they're ready for real emergencies. Emergencies happen anywhere, anytime and this type of training help firefighters to be prepared.

To learn more about the safety training Enviro Clean offers, please visit our website at www.ECCGRP.com or contact us at 405.373.4545.

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