2000 + Well Due Diligence Project for Asset Transfer and Acquisition

Oklahoma and Surrounding States – ECC conducted a multi-state and multi-county asset transfer environmental due diligence project. The project was completed within 28 calendar days and included site visits to approximately 1000 well sites with regulatory desk top survey for all 2000 + wells.

Site visit information was collected by a mobile device app, developed in-house, specifically for this project. The application enabled our site inspectors to capture information and then upload

to a prewritten site-specific program. Connectivity was not required to collect the data at the time of the site inspections. The app allowed data and photographic continuity across the 1000 well inspections and four inspectors, while also allowing project managers to view the data in real time if connectivity was available. The app generated the collected data and photographs into a readable report and greatly reduced the time required to fulfill the client deadline and stay under budget.

Moving forward, the app can be utilized for regular annual report site inspections with photo and data collection on the assets as a global ID has been assigned to each asset.

For more information please visit our website at www.ECCGRP.com or contact us at 405-373-4545.

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