Enviro Clean Responds to Crude Oil Spill at Pond

Oklahoma– The Emergency Response team from Oklahoma City-based Enviro Clean were called to a wellsite earlier this month following an accident related to a crude oil spill.

Our client, was fracking a well approximately ½ a mile away, when the frac job infringed upon another operators’ well. This infringement caused pressure to build up within this well, causing the frac water to rise and crude oil to overflow. Approximately 210 bbl. of crude oil overflowed and ran into a dry creek bed and then on into a pond.

Our team quickly put together a strategic plan to address this emergency, beginning with recovering oil from the pond with vacuum trucks. Vegetation was bagged for disposal, pond banks were washed with low pressure water, and absorbent booms were left in place to recover any additional leeching oil. The dry creek bed and tank battery pad were both treated with Enviro Cleans’ own remediation product, EnviroClean.

Enviro Clean is proud to be a company that has built a trustworthy reputation among our customers. For this reason, our teams were present during onsite meetings throughout the project, on behalf of the oil and gas company, with both state (OCC) and federal regulators (EPA) who had been called out to the spill site. Our team exercised our ability to manage the situation and helped to alleviate some of the regulatory scrutiny that may have developed. The client was provided updates throughout the cleanup, presented with a plan to keep the operator in compliance, and provided a completion report once finished.

For more information about our emergency response services or our product EnviroClean, please visit our website at www.ECCGRP.com

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