Enviro Clean Responds to Diesel Fuel Spill

Southard, Okla., – The Emergency Response team from Enviro Clean, a highway licensed DEQ emergency responder (license #1002), were called to a site last week following an accident involving a tanker truck.

The tanker truck had released approximately 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel onto the ground. With these conditions in mind, our team quickly put together a strategic plan to address the emergency.

The team, along with our own professional geologists, began by sampling to determine the depth of the diesel impacted soil. Through the sampling, we were able to determine the depths to be between 15-20 ft.

After sampling, the team began to excavate the soil and haul to the contracted disposal site. The client was provided a closure report upon completion of the project written and sealed by an Enviro Clean licensed petroleum geologist (P.G.) for Oklahoma.

For more information about our emergency response services, please visit our website at www.ECCGRP.com

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