Enviro Clean Waste Services provides Household Waste Disposal for the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma

McLoud, Okla. – Enviro Clean Waste Services, LLC (ECWS) provided household waste disposal services for the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma over the weekend as part of an environmental grant the tribe received from the US EPA.

The Kickapoo Department of Environmental Programs (KDEP) goal is to provide effective environmental programs that promote protection of the environment and human health with respect to surface water, drinking water, air, solid waste, brownfields, underground storage tanks, hazardous waste, emergency response, environmental justice, pesticides, and environmental planning projects. KDEP was awarded a grant from the US EPA that allowed the inventory of chemical waste such as cleaners, pesticides, herbicides, etc. This inventory process allowed KDEP to identify the products on hand, the amount being stored, and those products that need to be discarded. ECWS was contracted to properly dispose of products that cannot or are not able to be reused.

From prevention to clean up, ECWS has the skills and technology to help you navigate environmental risks. We can help you prevent potential waste hazards, devise effective disposal strategies, and address emergency situations when they happen.

For more information regarding waste disposal, please visit our website at www.ECCGRP.com or contact us at 405-373-4545.

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