Enviro Clean Cardinal Hosts Producer Roundtable: EPA Forms 60-Day Deadline

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK- Enviro Clean Cardinal and SOER (Sustaining Oklahoma’s Energy Resources) recently partnered to host a roundtable to address questions and provide guidance on a mailing that many producers have already received from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for an Information Collection Request (ICR).

In mid-November, the EPA began notifying owners and operators of oil and natural gas facilities of their obligation under Section 114 of the Clean Air Act to respond to an ICR.

EPA's proposed ICR consists of two surveys:

Part 1. Operator Survey:

Designed to collect "comprehensive information from onshore petroleum and natural gas production facilities to better understand the number and types of equipment at production facilities." Some of the information required includes: parent-company information, facility name, location, and contact information; the number of producing wells, wells that have been hydraulically fractured or refractured, and plugged wells, well identification, tanks, compressors, flares, etc.

Part 2. Facility Survey:

Required to be completed by a sample of 4,500 operators, according to EPA. These sources are production, gathering and boosting, processing, compression/transmission, pipeline, natural gas storage, as well as LNG storage and import/export facilities.

The EPA believes the information requested is necessary to impose comprehensive methane regulations. According to the current administration, the information collected through this process will be used to develop air regulations for existing sources in the onshore oil and natural gas sector under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act.

Owners/operators are provided 60 days from receipt of the letter to respond to the Part 1 survey and 180 days to respond to the Part 2 survey. Failure to respond to the surveys subjects the recipients/owners/operators to daily fines in excess of $90,000.

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