NSPS OOOOa Capability Gives Enviro Clean High Tech Insight to Client Leaks and Emissions

NSPS OOOOa presents oil and gas production and midstream companies with significant compliance challenges. Let our team of professionals provide the guidance and services needed to keep your company in compliance. Our staff can handle all aspects of compliance from permitting new facilities, conducting required inspections, and filing the appropriate reports. In addition, if your site requires SPCC plans or other inspections, let Enviro Clean combine them with our OGI inspections and save you both time and money. We provide.

  • Semiannual or quarterly Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) inspections (Leak checks using an infrared (FLIR) camera at well sites and compressor stations.)

  • Verification of repairs using OGI

  • Preparing and submitting required monitoring plans and annual reports

  • Training seminars over NSPS OOOOa and all other applicable regulations

  • Bundle OGI with SPCC, NORM, and GHG Inspections

Tank Fugitive Emissions

Click Here to see how Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) inspections are performed. Enviro Clean can see what the naked eye doesn’t and keep you in compliance with not just NSPS OOOOa, but also permit control requirements.

Leaking Fugitive Emissions

Click Here to see how Enviro Clean can use the FLIR GF-320 camera to detect leaking components such as compressors, flanges and valves. The high sensitivity mode (HSM) is used almost exclusively to quickly detect leaks during inspections. However, sometimes our certified inspectors will switch out of HSM to get a clearer view, such as the leaking compressor in the video.

To learn more about our work with the Energy, Oil & Gas Sector, click here.

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