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PCS-Solv2 is the premier paraffin and asphaltene solvent for production and stimulation operations

PCS-Solv2 incorporates the unique chemistry of PCS-Solve 1 plus a dispersant package which will help keep more wax in solution in more extreme applications.  Asphaltenes are very complex and highly aromatic compounds which cannot be held completely in solution by traditional aromatic solvents. PCS-Solv 2 is a multi-component formula maximized for complete absorption of paraffins and asphaltene deposits and holding them in solution from the formation to the surface equipment. 


PCS-Solv2 is commercially available in 5-gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Features & Benefits
  • Increased production

  • Sustained productivity

  • Longer pump life

  • Reduced operational costs


Typical Applications & Uses
  • Reducing or even eliminating hot oil treatments

  • Production enhancement

  • Reduction of BS&W in tanks

  • Chemical pigging for pipelines

  • Flowline maintenance

  • Tubing, rods, pump and surface equipment cleanup

  • Perforation and near well bore cleanup