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PCS-Solv1 dissolves paraffins and asphaltenes in the oilfield  

PCS-Solv 1 is a proprietary formulation that will dissolve paraffins and asphaltenes in the formation, downhole pumps, tubing, flow lines, and surface equipment. Traditional formulas that rely on toluene, xylene, and heavy aromatic napthas cannot keep waxes suspended as well as this unique formula.


PCS-Solv 1 is formation compatible. Many solvent blends currently used will promote asphaltene flocculation which compounds future wax problems. PCS-Solv 1 will not cause these problems.  It can be pumped at temperatures below zero; there is no reheating required.


PCS-Solv 1 is commercially available in 5-gal buckets or 55-gallon drums from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Features & Benefits
  • Increased production

  • Sustained productivity

  • Longer pump life

  • Reduced operational costs


Typical Applications & Uses
  • Reducing or even eliminating hot oil treatments

  • Production enhancement

  • Reduction of BS&W in tanks

  • Chemical pigging for pipelines

  • Flowline maintenance

  • Tubing, rods, pump and surface equipment cleanup

  • Perforation and near well bore cleanup