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PRODUCTS Paraffin Control

Paraffin Control prohibits wax crystallization, solubilizes paraffin back into the oil.

Paraffin Control is a non-flammable, non-toxic, water-based, proprietary blend of non-ionic surfactants and treatment agents that has been blended and balanced to be specifically effective on paraffin and paraffinic sludges in downhole and aboveground applications in the oil and gas industry.  It is a concentrated formula designed for versatile and economical application at light concentration working dilutions utilizing produced water or KCl water.  Paraffin Control is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly product which contains no builders, caustic, petroleum distillate, d-Limonene, or hazardous chemicals. 


Paraffin Control is designed to keep wax in the crude oil and prevents paraffin from crystallizing on tubulars, pumps, and flowlines.  Not only is it extremely effective but it is also very safe to workers and the environment.  Paraffin Control does not contain caustic, therefore does not have the common harmful side effects associated with caustic based products.  


Paraffin Control works by creating micro-emulsions of oil and water, with the wax attached to the emulsion phase, which stays suspended in the oil.  It should be noted that the water in the micro-emulsions is considerably less than the BS&W standards, thus the solution can be sent straight to the refinery.  Additionally, by dispersing the paraffins back into the oil, the Paraffin Control treatment minimizes a potential waste stream while creating additional revenues through increased sales volume and decreased disposal expenses.  In the current trend of waste reduction, environmentally sound practices, and the never ending pursuit to increase worker safety, Paraffin Control has proved to be a worthy solution for paraffin problems. 


Paraffin Control is a concentrated product, which must be diluted with water, that readily biodegrades.


Paraffin Control is commercially available in 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums, 330-gallon totes, and bulk from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Features & Benefits
  • Affordability: Less expensive than hot oiling and fast return on investment

  • Simple to use

  • Extremely effective in eliminating permeability barriers, caused by hot oiling, often resulting in production increases

  • Does not allow the paraffin to plate out onto the production or distribution equipment

  • Continued use is effective in eliminating tank bottoms and high water cut


Typical Applications & Uses
  • Reducing or even eliminating hot oil treatments

  • Production enhancement

  • Reduction of BS&W in tanks

  • Chemical pigging for pipelines

  • Flowline maintenance

  • Tubing, rods, pump and surface equipment cleanup

  • Perforation and near well bore cleanup