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OLFactor doesn't just mask odors–it eliminates them. 

OLFactor is a water-based, biodegradable, concentrated, odor control and cleaning agent. It sequesters and neutralizes odor causing compounds for penetration, cleaning ability, and easy extraction on contact.  


Additionally, it does not require specialized equipment and can be used in any small pressure sprayer or carpet machine.  It can also be applied in larger applications through a pressure washer, bobtail, or transport. It's ideal for applying to stockpiled, contaminated soil at an excavation site, as well as cleaning and deodorizing carpets, wood floors, concrete, and other water safe surfaces. It’s designed to release feces, vomit, urines, grease, grime, tobacco smoke, and mercaptans.


OLFactor is effective at light working dilutions resulting in an extremely low cost to apply.  It is non-abrasive for sensitive surfaces, easy and safe to use, leaves little or no residue, and is environmentally friendly. 


OLFactor is a concentrated product that must be diluted with water and readily biodegrades.


OLFactor is commercially available in 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums, 330-gallon totes, and bulk from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Features & Benefits
  • Natural soy based active ingredient is more effective than enzyme based products or masking fragrances

  • Completely eliminates odors and cleans surfaces

  • Non-abrasive for sensitive surfaces

  • Leaves little or no residue

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Unlimited shelf life (unopened)

  • Versatile

  • High performance

  • Affordability – effective at light concentration working dilution

  • Quick, easy, and safe to use

  • Effective cleaner with fewer downstream complications


Typical Applications & Uses
  • Kennels

  • Contaminated excavation site (MGP)

  • Sanitary sewer facilities and lagoons

  • Sludge pits

  • Vacuum truck odors

  • Lift station rooms

  • Portable toilets and out houses

  • Grease traps

  • Nursing homes and assisted living facilities

  • Home and automobiles

  • Animal cages and dog houses

  • Mildew

  • Skunk Oils