Government, Civic & Education

Enviro Clean works with municipal and state governments as a stakeholder in the community.  We partner with both small town and metropolitan municipalities to align project planning with economic development and end-use goals, and ensure our public sector clients integrate emergency planning, environmental assessment, remediation, and redevelopment into their long-term vision.  City municipalities also benefit from our breadth of experience using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping of Emergency Response tools.


From universities and museums to municipal organizations and community parks, our firm provides professional environmental, engineering, and surveying services that provide economically efficient solutions that contribute to the long-term vision and well-being of the community.  We are as invested in our communities as our clients and take our role as partners and stewards seriously.

Core Services
  • Emergency Planning

  • Waste Management

  • Surveying & Mapping

  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Utility Systems Design

  • Roadway Design

  • Capital Improvement Plans

  • Regulatory Compliance & Permitting

  • Environmental & Civil Engineering

  • Control Monument Networks

  • Plan Review & Grant Application Preparation

  • Construction Staking & Layout

  • Remediation

  • Redevelopment

  • City Management Support Services

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Systems

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Systems provide a great benefit to towns and cities throughout the country. The AMR systems are a great asset for the small- to medium-sized communities where they save both time and money.  They give communities the ability manage their time, their resources and their finances more effectively.  Since they are more accurate than the old style of water meters,  new AMR meters increase the revenue communities receive from their water customers. They also only take a fraction of the time to read and can be a source to identify leaks and water loss.

Enviro Clean plays a key role in assisting small and medium sized communities to plan, fund, and construct AMR systems. Enviro Clean educates customers on the different types and functions of AMR systems and can discuss the pros/cons of each system. Once funding is in place, we provide the design specifications and obtains any construction permits necessary based on the AMR system selected by the customer.  We also facilitates the bidding and construction process. Working in partnership with the community throughout each stage of the process, we deliver a complete and fully functioning system that delivers great benefits.

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