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EC Handrub is a unique, proprietary formula which can be used anywhere rapid, safe cleaning of hands is required. 

EC Handrub is manufactured to the World Health Organization specifications who is a recognized leader in world safety.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • EC handrub works equally well with or without the use of water.

  • EC Handrub is fragrance and dye free and will not leave residual odor or staining.  

  • EC Handrub is an alcohol-based product which evaporates quickly, and users will not need to wait for drying.  

  • No thickeners or foamers are used in the product and will not result in the need to rinse sticky residues.  

  • Hands will look and feel clean after use.

  • EC Handrub has been designed particularly to fight against the COVID 19 pandemic.