Confined Space Services

We know that safety is the number one priority when personnel are working in a confined space environment. That’s why Enviro Clean offers our clients two crucial areas of service that adhere to and surpass OSHA regulations relating to confined spaces.

Confined Space Entry:
Cleaning the residue from crude oil, condensate, or hydrocarbon fuels that have been stored in tanks requires training, gear, and the know-how to safely and effectively complete the task.

Enviro Clean’s authorized entrants and attendants have completed confined space entry and respirator training requirements. Our staff follows protocol for continuously identifying workers within a confined space, maintaining visual contact and a clear line of communication, monitoring the atmosphere for toxic and dangerous gases, and sounding appropriate alarms in the event an incident occurs. We monitor conditions and activities inside and outside to ensure that all safety rules and procedures are followed for the duration of entry and cleaning operations.


Enviro Clean offers support in the following areas of service:

• Tank cleaning
• Maintenance
• Inspections
• Turnaround specialists
• Air monitoring
• Attendant and supervisor services


Technical Rescue Services:

As an additional layer of protection for entrants, we also provide technical rescue services. If an emergency situation occurs within a confined space, the entrant will be extricated by the Enviro Clean Standby Rescue Team. This is accomplished with the assistance of a fully functional technical rescue trailer enabling our teams to respond in the event of an emergency.


If a first aid response is required, Enviro Clean personnel provide basic life support appropriate to their level of training until 911 emergency care arrives. Our crew members are trained and recertified annually in confined space entry and rescue, and our services observe all OSHA requirements.

Primary Drivers, Regulatory References, and Standards
• NFPA 1006 – Standard for technical rescuer professional qualifications
• NFPA 1670 – Standard on operations and training for technical search and rescue incidents
• OSHA 29 CFR 1910-146 (Permit Required Confined Space Standard)

Enviro Clean clients have peace of mind that our Standby Rescue Team has mastered the intricacies of a wide range of rescue procedures. Because many other industrial rescue team members are not professional rescuers, being called upon to perform a rescue is far removed from their actual experience level. If an incident occurs, rescue must be second nature.


Enviro Clean Standby Rescue Team Leaders are trained in:

• Standby confined space rescue
• High angle rescue
• Tower rescue
• Wind farm rescue
• Industrial first response (medical)
• Pre-hospital trauma care



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