Air Quality Services

Enviro Clean has the skill, knowledge, and proficiency to deliver air quality solutions for customers seeking to construct new operations or optimize the environmental performance of their current facilities.

Our experienced team of professionals provides services including:

  • Regulatory analysis and strategic planning

  • Process and emission control technology reviews

  • Pre-construction permitting

  • Ambient impact analyses using advanced
    modeling tools

  • Risk assessments

There have been many amendments to the Clean Air Act since the United States Congress passed it in 1963. Keeping track of both federal and state regulations and permitting requirements can be a daunting task, which is why Enviro Clean is the partner of choice for businesses who depend on expert support related to rulemaking activities.

Air Quality Permitting: We have extensive experience preparing Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) construction permit applications, Title V initial and renewal operating applications, synthetic minor source, and minor source applications in various states throughout the United States. These permitting actions have included air dispersion modeling analyses and control technology reviews.


Air Quality Regulatory Analyses: Our air quality professionals have far-reaching experience with various federal and state regulations and pending regulations. We apply that knowledge to help our customers plan capital projects and long-term budgets.

Air Quality Compliance: We apply our expert knowledge of federal, state, and local air quality regulations when partnering with customers to develop compliance strategies.

Air Dispersion Modeling: We apply our expert knowledge of federal and state modeling requirements to demonstrate compliance with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and state air quality standards.  This modeling is conducted in accordance with Appendix W utilizing AERMOD.  Our professionals have utilized Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III methodologies such as ARM2, PVMRM, and OLM to demonstrate compliance with the 1-hr NO2 standard.

Air Quality Emissions Inventories: Our air quality professionals have decades of experience preparing emission inventories for facilities from general manufacturing to refineries to oil and gas operations.

Air Quality Greenhouse Gas Support: We use our process expertise to help facilities prepare greenhouse gas monitoring plans and estimate emissions for the Mandatory Reporting Rule.

Toxic Release Inventories: Our process expertise is used to help facilities evaluate facility operations to determine Toxic Release Inventory applicability and prepare the Form A or Form R reports.

Core Services
  • Air Dispersion Modeling

  • Air Quality Compliance Audits

  • Air Quality Due Diligence

  • Air Quality Permitting (State & Federal)

    • PSD Preconstruction Permitting​

    • Title V Operating Permitting

    • Minor Source Permitting

  • Air Quality Regulatory Compliance

  • CSAPR Reporting/Compliance


  • Emission Inventories

  • Greenhouse Gas Credit Project Development

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventories & Reporting

  • Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Project Development

  • LDAR Review & Auditing

  • NSPS OOOO/OOOOa Compliance

    • Annual Reporting

    • Completion Notifications

    • Monthly Compliance Inspections

    • Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) Monitoring

  • MATS Reporting & Compliance

  • Opacity Monitoring (Method 9 & Method 22)

  • Risk Management Plans

  • Stack Testing Management

  • Title V Permit Compliance (Annual & Semi-Annual Reporting)

  • Toxic Release Inventories

  • TSCA Reports

Optical Gas Imaging/NSPS OOOOa Turnkey Compliance Support

Recent NSPS OOOOa rules present oil and gas production and midstream companies with significant compliance challenges. Enviro Clean provides the guidance and services needed to keep your company in compliance. Our staff can handle all aspects of compliance from permitting new facilities to conducting required inspections to filing the appropriate reports. In addition, if your site requires SPCC plans, we can combine them with our OGI inspections and save you both time and money. If your gas processing plants are subject to the annual OGI requirement under Subpart W of the Greenhouse Gas Mandatory Reporting Rule, we can dovetail the GHG and NSPS OOOOa monitoring events. We provide:

  • Permit application preparation for state/federal agencies

  • Semiannual or quarterly Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) inspections (Leak checks using an infrared (FLIR) camera at well sites and compressor stations)

  • Verification of repairs using OGI

  • Preparation and submission of required monitoring plans and annual reports

  • Training seminars over NSPS OOOOa and all other applicable regulations

  • Annual GHG Subpart W gas processing plant OGI inspections

  • Bundle OGI/SPCC/GHG monitoring

Tank Fugitive Emissions

This video demonstrates how Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) inspections are performed. With our technology, Enviro Clean can see what the naked eye cannot, and keep you in compliance with not only NSPS OOOOa, but also permit control requirements.

Leaking Fugitive Emissions

This video demonstrates how Enviro Clean uses the FLIR GF-320 camera to detect leaking components such as compressors, flanges, and valves. The high sensitivity mode (HSM) is used almost exclusively to quickly detect leaks during inspections. However, sometimes our certified inspectors will switch out of HSM to get a clearer view, such as the leaking compressor in the video.

Laura Worthen Lodes, P.E.
VP, Air Quality Practice

Phone: 405.842.1066 ext. 425

Mrs. Worthen Lodes has over 16 years of specialized air quality permitting experience preparing Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) air permit applications, Title V permit applications, air permit applications and air dispersion modeling analyses for various industries, including oil and gas facilities, foundries, refineries, tire manufacturers, and power plants primarily in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Colorado.  She has also prepared Toxic Release Inventories, annual air emission inventories, Risk Management Plans and TSCA reports for various industrial facilities.  Additionally, she has reviewed operations for federal and state regulatory applicability including various MACT standards.  Mrs. Worthen Lodes has extensively utilized various air dispersion models including AERMOD, SCREEN3, and AERSCREEN.  She has also assisted with the SPCC program and has served on the Oklahoma Air Quality Council since 2005.  She has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering both from the University of Oklahoma. 

Rita Zebian
Air Quality Project Manager

Phone: 817.617.2675

Ms. Zebian has more than 34 years of consulting and industry experience, representing private industry in the mid-continent and eastern states for the past 20 years with particular emphasis on air quality and air regulatory compliance issues in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana.  Experience has included project management and direct involvement in resolution of compliance problems, preparation of comprehensive air quality state and PSD permit applications, research and preparation of emission calculations and calculation methodologies, compilation of chemical inventories for determination of applicability of SARA and state Community Right-to-Know programs, management of hazardous waste activities, and participation in dispersion modeling analyses.  Her experience also includes formal presentations to industry groups on regulatory issues.  She has extensive experience providing professional services to various industrial operations including printing, packaging, surface coating, oil and gas, petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, and electric power generation facilities. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Chemistry.

Zachary Crowell
Air Quality Supervisor

Phone: 405.842.1066 ext 214

Mr. Crowell has specialized experience in preparing Title V permit applications, permit exemptions, and minor source permits for oil and gas exploration, transportation, and production plants in the states of Texas and Oklahoma. He has also prepared Texas OP-Notify Forms, Title V Annual Compliance Certifications and Semi-annual Monitoring Reports, prepared Annual Emission Inventories (AEI), performed site compliance evaluations, estimated emissions, and prepared compliance documents such as excess emission reports and self-disclosures.  He is Method 9 certified and has also utilized air dispersion models, such as AERMOD and SCREEN3, to determine compliance with federal and state ambient air quality standards. He has a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology.   

Brett Eaton
Air Quality Specialist

Phone: 405.842.1066

Mr. Eaton has specialized experience in tracking, maintaining, calculating, and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.  He also has practical knowledge in preparing Title V permit applications, permit exemptions, and minor source permits for various industries, including manufacturing plants, oil and gas exploration and production plants, and pipeline transportation facilities.  

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